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When it comes to subscription fees, you may be charged more than should be done. Learn in which situations DSers will accept your refund inquiries in the following table:


DSers solutions

You downgrade your monthly paid plan to a less premium plan.

DSers will convert the price difference into credits in Shopify Credits which you can use to purchase other products in Shopify.

You downgrade your annual paid plan to a less premium plan.

DSers will refund the price of your previous subscription.

You change from the monthly (annual) plan to the annual (monthly) plan and are charged twice.

DSers will refund your previous subscription. (Shopify credits for the monthly plan and refunds for the annual plan).

You want to stop using the annually paid plan.

DSers will refund the remaining cost of your current annual plan after deducting the months being used × the monthly fee (without an annual discount).

If you have any refund inquiries above, please contact DSers customer service team to help you proceed with that.

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