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Bulk-map products with an agency (individual supplier)

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DSers has introduced the Agency Solution, a powerful tool aimed at streamlining the workflow of dropshippers who also collaborate with off-platform suppliers/agencies. Learn more about DSers Agency Solution.

It's time-consuming to map your products with the same agency (supplier) one by one. DSers streamlines the process by providing you with a Bulk mapping feature. Check below to learn how to activate it in DSers.

How to bulk-map the products with an agency (individual supplier)

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
  2. Select the Agency tab, and click dsers-check-box Select All in the Navigator Bar to select all products or click dsers-check-box on the Product Card to choose your desired products.
  3. At the right of the Navigator Bar, click dsers-mapping-icon Map Agency In Bulk.
  4. In the Agency ( Individual Supplier) card, turn on dsers-status-off.
  5. In the Agency Information part, enter the Agency ID of the agency that you want to connect to your products.
  6. Click SAVE.

Now your selected products will be mapped with the agency that you choose and your agency will be able to configure cost, shipping and other details for these products.

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