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After you finish editing the products in Import List and decide in which store you want to sell those products, the next step is to push them from DSers to your store.

How to push your products

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List.
  2. Hover on the Product Card of a product and click the Push button to push an individual product or check dsers-check-box on the Product Card and click the Push to Shopify (WooCommerce/Wix) button to bulk push products.
  3. 💡 TIP

    If you are editing product details in the Edit Product Detail window, you can also directly click the PUSH TO SHOPIFY (WOOCOMMERCE/WIX) button to push your products.

  4. In the Pop-up, select the store you want to send the product to.
  5. Check dsers-check-box to the left of each function below if needed:
    1. Apply the pricing rules
    2. Continue selling the product when out of stock ( Not available for WooCommerce)
    3. Directly publish the product to your online store
    📕 NOTE

    The product will become visible to all your customers if you directly publish it to your online store. If you only push the product, it will appear in the backend of your store where you can edit or manage it before it is visible to all your customers.

  6. Click the PUSH TO SHOPIFY (WOOCOMMERCE/WIX) button to confirm.

Now, you can go to My Products to see the products you just pushed. And the products will now also appear on your store products page.

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