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Import List

Import List is a useful feature that allows you to import and manage products in DSers. You can import products here by URL, edit, delete, tag, split and push & publish products. Check below to learn how to take good advantage of the feature.

How to import products

You can import AliExpress products to Import List via AliExpress URLs, learn with this guide.

Once imported, you can enter the product keyword, product URL or product ID in the Search box and click dsers-search-orange (dsers-ok-button) to search for your imported product quickly.

For more ways to import a product, check here.

How to customize your products

Here covers the main work you can do in Import List:


What you can do with it

Edit products

Customize your product details including titles, variants, descriptions and images as well as check shipping details.

Split products

Split products into multiple ones to sell them separately.

Tag products

Create tags and add them to products one by one or in batches to organize products.

Delete products

Delete the products you don’t want to manage in DSers.

Push & publish products

Push or publish products to your stores to sell them online.


You can click dsers-filter Filter to filter your desired products by stores, tags, push or product options. Remember to click CONFIRM.

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