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According to Shopify regulations, entering the cost per item is compulsory. Therefore, when you push products to your Shopify store, be sure to send their costs.

How to send product cost information to your store

DSers allows you to choose which costs to send to your store along with your product pushing.
  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Sales channel Setting > Product.
  2. In the Push products part, check either of the two options in the "Send product information to Store" section.
    dsers-radio-button-unchecked Send product cost to Store
    dsers-radio-button-unchecked Send product and shipping cost to Store

When the product is pushed, the supplier products cost and the shipping cost in [Advanced Pricing Rule] will be pushed to Shopify's cost per item together. There may be some reasons why the shipping cost is 0:
1. After applying the Advanced Pricing Rule, the shipping method matched according to the country is not filled.
2. After the Advanced Pricing Rule is applied, no shipping methods matched accordingly.
3. After applying the Basic/Standard Pricing Rule, there is no shipping cost.
4. When the pricing rule is not enabled and there is no shipping cost, you need to upgrade your plan and apply the Advanced Pricing rule before DSers can help you push the product cost and shipping cost to Shopify.

Once you have choose either of the two options, you can go to Shopify to check the costs you desire in the Cost per item field on the Variant details page.

How DSers calculates costs for each option


When you choose it

How DSers calculate costs  

Send product cost to Shopify

DSers pushes products as well as sends product cost to your store.

The supplier product cost will be sent to Shopify Cost per item.

Send product and shipping cost to Shopify

DSers pushes products as well as sends product and shipping costs to your store.

DSers will add up product cost and shipping cost and send it to Shopify Cost per item. 


To successfully push correct cost, you need to set your DSers as follows: 

a. Enable the Advanced Pricing Rule. 

b. Set a fixed shipping cost or ensure the product you want to push supports the shipping country and shipping method you preset for a variable shipping cost

Otherwise, the shipping cost will be set as 0 and only product cost will be sent to the corresponding field in Shopify.

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