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DSers provides different plans to meet your different needs. That allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever your dropshipping needs get changed for some reason. Learn how to change your plan as below.

How to upgrade/downgrade your plan

  1. Login to DSers.
  2. Click dsers-manage-subscription Manage subscription to redirect to the Manage subscription page.
  3. In the Current plan section, click dsers-change-plan to redirect to the Pricing page.
  4. Click Monthly or Yearly that suits your needs.
  5. Change your plan.
    1. Basic: Click START FREE TRIAL.
    2. Advanced/Pro: Click SELECT and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the subscription.
    3. Enterprise: Click CONTACT US to subscribe to the plan.

You can access dsers-manage-subscription Manage subscription to check your new plan.

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