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What is a technical ticket and how does it work

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A technical ticket is a record that tracks issues, requests and more of a customer. Each ticket has its own unique ticket number to differentiate customer requests so that nothing gets overlooked. And these tickets are generally maintained in a ticketing system by the IT department.

Now that you know what a technical ticket is, it matters to know how it works to help you with your problems or requests.

How does a technical ticket work

When a customer service representative chats with a customer who encounters problems related to technology or needs help from the DSers team, a ticket will be created for the customer. The ticket records the conversation, the ticket type, the issues or requests, etc.

Once the support team categorizes and prioritizes all tickets, they assign customer tickets to different departments based on the ticket parameters to check and respond to customer tickets. Once the tickets are resolved, they will be marked as completed.

You see, a ticket is a useful tool that can not only help DSers manage customer feedback but also provide you with more considerate service.

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