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After you import a new product to Import List, you can use the Edit product feature to edit the product details. Check how to use it in the following content.
  1. The changes you make to the details of products in the Import List won’t affect products pushed or published to your store.
  2. In case you want to edit pushed or published products, you can only edit them in your Shopify/WooCommerce/Wix/Jumpseller store directly.

How to customize your product details

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List.
  2. Click dsers-edit on the Product Card of the product you want to edit. A pop-up will appear where you can access several tabs to edit the product details.
    1. Product tab
      1. Modify the product title.
      2. Under Organization:
        1. Shopify: Set Collections, Type, Tags, and Vendors for your store-based products.
          1. There are two collection types - Manual and Automated - in Shopify, but DSers only synchronizes the Manual type.
          2. DSers does not synchronize Shopify Tags, Types and Vendors, you can create them manually here.
        2. WooCommerce: Choose Categories and Tags for your product based on a specific store.
        3. Wix: Add Collections for your product based on a specific store.
      3. Click CHANGE IMAGE to change the cover picture of a product.
    2. Variants tab
      1. Modify the fields under the Sku column to rename SKUs. It won't affect the mapping and order processing.
      2. Select an option value and click dsers-check-box at the right side of Action dsers-arrow-dropdown and duplicate in another option to add SKUs.
      3. Click dsers-delete in the same line of a variant to remove a SKU.(Check dsers-check-box in front of each variant and click dsers-delete Remove SKU(s) to delete variants in bluk.)
      4. Edit option values, edit price and change the Stock.
      5. Check the shipping cost corresponding to your shipping destination.
    3. Description tab
      Modify the description that will appear on the product page of your store.
    4. To put new pictures in the description, you will need to first upload your pictures to an online picture library, such as Imgur and copy & paste them here.

    5. Images tab
      1. Check or uncheck the boxes dsers-check-box on the images to determine the pictures that will appear in the Media of your product details page.
      2. Either click dsers-delete over a picture or select your desired pictures and click dsers-delete Delete on the top right corner to delete the pictures.
      3. Click Download to download pictures.
      4. Click dsers-edit on a picture to restyle the product or click dsers-resize to resize the picture.
      5. Click on More Action dsers-arrow-dropdown to add alt texts to pictures or upload images from your computer.
    6. Shipping info tab
      Enter the country you want to ship to in the Search box and click dsers-search-orange to check the shipping company, shipping cost, delivery time and tracking availability.
Now you can push well-customized products to your store, and go to the My Products page to check product details.

If you want to import the reviews of a product to your store to add some credibility for your future buyers, you can install apps that specialize in importing product reviews. For example, Shopify merchants can install Loox here. Check this article to learn how to install Loox in your Shopify store.

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