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Reorder Request fulfillment orders

There is a feature called "Request Fulfillment" for orders on Shopify. While it may be useful in a few cases, it causes some order errors and makes it impossible to place the orders on DSers.

How to re-order Request fulfillment orders

To avoid facing this issue, DO NOT CLICK "Request Fulfillment" on your order on Shopify. In case you have accidentally clicked on "Request fulfillment" on a new order on Shopify, check the steps below to place the order successfully.
  1. Login to Shopify > Orders.
  2. Click on the order for which you have requested fulfillment.
  3. On the order details page, click the More icon on the top right and click Fulfill item.
  4. Click Send fulfillment request. The order will be marked Fulfilled on Shopify and DSers too.
  5. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  6. Access the Fulfilled tab.
  7. Click dsers-check-box on the Order Card to select the order the order just fulfilled by Shopify and click dsers-roll-back Roll back order.
  8. In the Pop-up, click ROLL BACK ORDERS.
  9. In the Pop-up, enter CONFIRM in the box and click CONFIRM.
  10. Once done, click ok.

You can now place the order normally.

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