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Edit an order

In case you want to change the AliExpress supplier of an order after receiving it from Wix, here’s how you can do it before placing this order to AliExpress.

Edit an order

Go to DSers – Open Orders.

Description: 1

Let’s take the following order from Awaiting order tab as an example.

Description: 22

On the right side of the order, click on the icon below then click Edit.

Description: 33

Paste the URL of the AliExpress supplier you want to use to place this order to AliExpress. Then click OK.

Description: 44

After you click OK, a list of all the variants of this supplier’s product will appear.

Select the corresponding variant you want to change.

Description: 55

Select a Shipping method you prefer and click CONFIRM.

Description: 6

Don’t forget to Save your changes!

Description: 77

Now, you can place the order like you normally would to AliExpress by clicking Order button.

Description: 8

You can now easily edit the orders you wish!