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Why customer cannot checkout at Shopify Online Store

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When your customer checks out in your Shopify store, they may fail to choose the shipping method in the Shipping part for their purchase. This may be because you have not set the shipping zones and rates for the customer’s address. To handle the problem, you can follow the steps in this guide.

Before you configure shipping settings

Before you are able to edit shipping zones and rates for your target shipping destination, your added markets must include the country or region where the destination is located. You can check locations where you manage or stock your inventory for your product and then add markets.
  1. Login to Shopify > Products.
  2. Click on the title of the product that you want to check to access the Product details page.
  3. In the Variants part, click on one variant to access the Variants details page.
  4. In the Inventory part, check the location for the product’s variant in the Location section.

Now you can add countries or regions that you’d like to markets accordingly.

How to set shipping zones and rates on Shopify

Now that you have set up markets for your desired countries or regions, you can follow this Shopify guide to learn how to set shipping zones and rates for them.

Once you have done those settings, your customer can place an order normally in your store.

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