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DSers integration with AliExpress

The integration with AliExpress allows you to better manage products and orders. You can, for example, find and import AliExpress products easily, and place, pay for and fulfill AliExpress orders efficiently.

How DSers integrates with AliExpress

Since DSers works with AliExpress as its official partner, AliExpress has authorized DSers a wide range of access to items and order information to streamline and automate the dropshipping process. Here explains how they work together to help you.

Build in-app products import market

Through strict quality control and filtering, DSers Find Supplier feature brings together thousands of AliExpress products with detailed information. What's more, the Supplier Optimizer feature enables you to quickly reach the best suppliers on AliExpress for your products.

Simplify the process to place orders

When your business expands, you may have to deal with a huge number of orders. At this point, Bulk order is a must-have feature for you to grow your business cost-efficiently. With the integration, DSers enables you to select all orders at once and place them to AliExpress with one click.

Synchronize order information to your stores

DSers and AliExpress integration makes it possible for you to enjoy order status and tracking numbers sync from AliExpress to your stores. When your customer submits an order and pays for it, you can place it to AliExpress and pay for it on AliExpress. Once the order has been shipped out, the order status will be updated in Shopify.

DSers and AliExpress Connection Tutorials

In order to place orders efficiently to AliExpress and synchronize products and orders data from AliExpress, it is necessary to link DSers to your AliExpress account.


What you will learn from it

Link DSers to AliExpress

Link DSers to your AliExpress account step by step;

Change your AliExpress account

Change the AliExpress account connected to DSers; the do's and don'ts;

Disconnect your AliExpress account

Unlink the AliExpress account from DSers; the do's and don'ts;

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