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DSers integration with PayPal

PayPal is a payment method that is safe and widely used. DSers integrates with PayPal to ensure that you can check order tracking numbers for your every PayPal transaction. Here explains How the integration makes sense for you.

Benefits of PayPal integration

  • Check order tracking information in one place: DSers and PayPal integration will help you synchronize tracking numbers to your PayPal transactions’ details. That is, you can log in to PayPal to track all your orders.
  • Reduce potential transaction risks: Because you rely on suppliers to dropship, you have little control over the package delivery. The integration can help you avoid a dispute with your customers if you have tracking numbers for the transaction in PayPal.
  • How DSers and PayPal integration works

    With the PayPal integration, you are able to perform the following operations to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.


    What you will learn from it

    Synchronize tracking numbers to PayPal

    Steps to authorize DSers to add tracking numbers to your PayPal transactions.

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