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Whenever you want DSers to help you with dropshipping business, the first step is to install DSers on your Shopify store. Read the guide below to learn how to link your Shopify store to DSers in 2 methods.

Method 1: Link your Shopify store to DSers

  1. Sign up for or login to DSers.
  2. Click the Shopify button on the platform selection page to be redirected to Shopify and authorize DSers.
  3. Click Log in at the top right corner of the page to log in to your Shopify account.
  4. 📕 NOTE

    If you see "App Installed" at this step, it means that this Shopify account is already linked to DSers. Please log out of the current Shopify account and follow the step with a Shopify account not connected to DSers yet.

  5. Click Add app and hit Yes when the confirmation window pops up.
  6. Click Install app to verify the authorization.

Method 2: Install DSers on your Shopify store

  1. Login to Shopify > Apps.
  2. Search for DSers in the Search Box or directly reach the DSers app page.
  3. Click Add app to install DSers.
  4. Click Install app to verify the authorization.
  5. Click CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU to use your Shopify email address to create a DSers account or click REGISTER YOURSELF to create an account by yourself.

Once registered for a DSers account, you can wait for the page to refresh automatically and select a plan from FREE to $499/month. Check DSers plans and pricing here.

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