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Oberlo migration-Variant Mapping

The article is based on the premise that you set oberlo as data reference. If you choose other options for conflict handling, there may be different situations. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

The Mapping feature lets you connect AliExpress suppliers to the products sold on the Shopify store. Also, it is possible to add alternative suppliers in case the main supplier is out of stock or to supply one store product with multiple suppliers. What’s more, you are able to implement upsell with the help of Buy One Get One mapping or Bundle mapping on DSers.

How Does DSers Migrate Variant Mapping from Oberlo

The products will be migrated from Oberlo to DSers with Shopify product information and the AliExpress suppliers well mapped according to your previous data reference settings. After migration, you will find your mapping variants in the Standard Mapping in DSers.

1. For store products mapped with unavailable AliExpress suppliers on Oberlo, DSers will only migrate information of store products, without the supplier variant mapping.

2. DSers will only migrate variant mapping of supplier products from the AliExpress platform.

Compare the Mapping Feature in Oberlo and DSers

In Oberlo, you can manage store products and do variant mapping in Products. The feature is also available in My Products in DSers.

Variant mapping-Compare prodcuts page

You will find the variant mapping feature by clicking the icon on the right corner on a product card on DSers.

Variant mapping-Compare mapping feature

Though the main function of the feature in both apps is similar, there are still some differences. Let’s have a general look.





Oberlo supports one way to map products.

DSers supports 5 ways of variant mapping to suit the different needs of users.

You are able to switch smoothly between different kinds of mapping based on your different needs. 

Supplier limit

Oberlo supports 2 suppliers for one product in the free plan and 5 in the paid plan.

DSers supports 2 suppliers for one product in the free plan and 10 in the paid plan.

More Information to Know about the Feature

In DSers, you will be able to do mapping with the 5 methods shown below. You can use those features to meet your different needs and even achieve your marketing goals by creating Buy One Get One offers and more.

Mapping methods

When to use this method?

Basic Mapping

Basic mapping is based on option name and variant value mapping instead of mapping each SKU.

For example,  a product with 5 colors, 6 sizes, that is to say with 30 SKUs. With the help of basic mapping, you will only need to map 2 option names and 11 variant values, 13clicks in total.  Far faster than mapping 30 SKUs one by one.

If you do not have special requests for your supplier, Basic mapping is the most efficient way to connect  AliExpress products. 

You can also set up a sub-supplier on Basic mapping in case the main supplier is out of stock or to supply one Shopify product with multiple AliExpress suppliers.

Standard Mapping

Compared to Basic Mapping, Standard Mapping is a method based on SKU mapping, which will take more time but is more flexible. 

Advanced Mapping

If you want your AliExpress supplier to send out packages from local warehouses in the destination countries for faster shipping speed, you may select suppliers with different warehouse options or use multiple suppliers with local warehouses to supply your store products.

Advanced Mapping helps you to organize those suppliers to make sure the orders with specific destinations are processed with the correct suppliers.

For example:
You map Supplier A with the US warehouse and Supplier B with the Brazil warehouse.  When you get an order from a buyer in the USA, the order will be fulfilled by Supplier A, and when you get an order from a buyer in Brazil, the order will be fulfilled by Supplier B.

BOGO Mapping

Upsell is very important when scaling-up. BOGO mapping helps you to create Buy one get one product offers easily without any other third party. It’s very powerful and efficient to upsell. 

Bundle Mapping

Bundle mapping is also a mapping method to support upsell. It helps you to sell products in kits. Buyers can get a product kit with 4 or 5 different products with a good discount, and merchants can get higher order value to improve profit. It’s very powerful and efficient to upsell. 

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions about the features! We are always happy to help.

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