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Cancel fulfillment of an order on Shopify

In case you accidentally changed the order status on Shopify from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled or met any other issue, it is very easy to cancel the fulfillment of an order on Shopify.

Here’s how you can do it.

Cancel fulfillment of an order

Go to Shopify – Orders and click on the order for which you want to cancel the fulfillment.

On the Edit order page, click on the icon below to access the drop-down list. Select Cancel fulfillment from the drop-down list.

A notification will appear.

Now, this order is marked as Unfulfilled on Shopify.

Go back to DSers – Open. You will see the order is also moved to the Awaiting order tab.

If it doesn’t move to Awaiting order tab for a long time, please go to Setting - Other to manually sync Shopify orders.

Just as simple as that, you now know how to cancel the fulfillment of orders on Shopify.