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Change currency to pay on AliExpress

In case you need to change the currency to pay for your orders on AliExpress, it is very easy. Please read the guide below:

Change currency on AliExpress

Here is an order in USD that you placed on AliExpress from DSers.

If you try to pay for this order now, the payment will be done in USD.

If you wish to change the currency to pay on AliExpress, you need to find the setting of Ship-to country and currency on the top bar first.

Then you can choose the desired currency from the dropdown list. We will use EUR as an example.

Don’t forget to click the Save button when you are done.

The Order amount will still appear in USD even after you chose EUR for currency.

But when you click on Pay Now, the price will automatically convert to EUR.

You can now pay the orders on AliExpress with the currency you want!