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Connect multiple suppliers to one product

It’s possible that your default supplier doesn't sell some variations you really want or you find a new supplier selling one of the variations for a cheaper price.

In situations like these, you can use DSers to map different suppliers for a single product to better personalize your offer.

Here’s the guide on how to do it.

Multiple Supplier Mapping

Go to DSers – My Products.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

Access the Mapping Page on the product card.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

You need to input the URL from a new AliExpress supplier you want to add here.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

Go to AliExpress and copy the URL of a new supplier you want to add.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

Paste the URL of the product you want to add to the Import box, then click on Import.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

A new AliExpress product will appear under your current one.

Then, click on Set.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

A small window will pop up. Select Second option and click CONFIRM.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

The new product will then appear in the Substitute Ali Product column without mapping.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

Map the variations for which you want to use the Substitute supplier only.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

Let’s take the following mapping as an example.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

For the Black Color, DSers will only order the product from the Default supplier when you select Black for the Default Ali Product and leave the box of Substitute Ali Product empty.

For the Brown Color, DSers will only order the product from the Substitute supplier when you leave the box of Default Ali Product empty and select Brown for the Substitute Ali Product.

Here is another example.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

In this case, for Black Color, DSers will order the product from the Default supplier first. But when it runs out of stock, the Substitute Ali Product will be used.

For the Brown Color, DSers will only order the product from the Default supplier.

📕 NOTE: All the Attributes, such as Color / Size / Ship From, need to be mapped on both products!

Once you finished mapping the product the way you want, don’t forget to Save!,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

A notification will appear after you successfully saved.,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png

This can really help you to better personalize your offer and provide more options for your customers to choose from.

Advanced mapping