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Fulfill an order from start to finish

Once you set up your account properly and finished importing the products from AliExpress, the next step is to place and pay for an order.

We will show you the complete process of fulfilling an order in the detailed guide below.

Placing an order to AliExpress

DSers will automatically synchronize the order you receive on Wix.

Go to Open Orders – Awaiting order. The order you need to place to AliExpress will be in the Awaiting order tab after you received them on your store.

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Click the Order button.

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It will open a page where you can double check the order shipping setting.

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At this step, you can change the shipping method as you wish.

Click CONFIRM after you make sure the Shipping method is the one you want.

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Once the order is processed, you will see a notification on above.

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You can go to the Awaiting payment tab to find the order you just placed and see that the Ali Order Number has been generated.

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You can click the Make payment button above, and it will take you to AliExpress where you can pay for the order.

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Make the payment

On AliExpress Orders page, go to Awaiting payment page and select the order you want to pay.

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Click on the Pay for selected order(s) or Pay Now button.

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A window will pop up and you can choose the Payment method there. Click Pay now to complete the payment.

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After the payment

Once you made your payment, you are DONE.

DSers will take care of the rest.

After your payment, DSers will automatically move the order to Open Orders – Awaiting Shipment. (Note: the status may take some time to change, don’t worry about it.)

When your supplier sends out the package, the tracking number will be generated. DSers will automatically update the order and move the order to Fulfilled tab with the tracking number.

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It is at this time that DSers will automatically trigger Wix to send an email to your customers with the tracking number.

DSers will also automatically mark the order as Fulfilled on Wix.

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You can also view the tracking number in the Order details on Wix like below.

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Now you know the complete process of fulfilling an order from start to finish with DSers.