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Order status automatic syncing introduction

DSers will automatically synchronize all the order status and information between Wix, DSers and AliExpress.

The time it takes to synchronize may vary greatly depending on the platform.

The average syncing time from one platform to another:

-Wix to DSers= Sync is instantaneous
-DSers to AliExpress = Sync is instantaneous
-AliExpress toDSers = Sync can take up to xx hours as we sync at fixed time but you have 2 ways to accelerate this
-DSers to Wix = Sync can take up to xx hours

To summarize, once your supplier shipped out the package and the Tracking Number has been created, it will take a maximum of xx hours to sync from AliExpress to DSers to Wix automatically. Of course, you can reduce that time with the methods below.

From Wix to DSers

DSers will synchronize instantaneously all new orders from Wix.

As soon as you receive an order on Wix, it will sync to DSers in the Awaiting Order tab.

📕 NOTE: Wix orders for which the payment hasn't been captured yet will sync in DSers Pending tab. Once the payment is captured, you can manually synchronize the order if it takes too long to change status on DSers.

From AliExpress to DSers

DSers will synchronize the orders status and information from AliExpress every xx hours.

We synchronize the orders from AliExpress at fixed hours, 2 times a day.

If an order is in DSers’ Awaiting Payment tab and you go to AliExpress to pay for it, it may take up to xx hours before DSers moves the order to Awaiting Shipment tab.

In the same way, once a Tracking Number is generated on AliExpress, it may take up to xx hours to sync to DSers and move the order to Fulfilled.

📕 NOTE: You can also manually synchronize to speed this up

From DSers to Wix

DSers will sync the Tracking Number and the Fulfilled status of an order to Wix within XX hours after it appears on DSers.

Once the Tracking Number of an order is synced from AliExpress to DSers and the order is moved to the Fulfilled tab on DSers, it will take around XX hour for the Tracking Number to be synced to Wix.

When the Tracking Number is synced to Wix, the order will be fulfilled on Wix as Completed.

📱 CONTACT US: Feel free to contact DSers Customer Service team to answer your questions or for help!

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