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Split a product

It may be useful for you to split one product into multiple new products. For example, you can split different variations as different products, or have each attribute to be a new product.

DSers is here to help you! You can easily split products as you please.

Check out the guide below to learn how!

Access the Split Product page

Go to DSers – Import List.

On the bottom right of the product card, click Split into multiple products.

A new tab will open on the right side of DSers.

Split by Attributes

You can choose to split your product by Attributes (Attributes are categories of variations).

In the example we are using right now, you can split the product into different Colors or different Sizes.

Read below to learn how to use each method.

Split by Color

If you want to split the product by Color, select Color and click on Split.

Six new products will be created after clicking OK and one for each Color.

Although they may appear as all similar, you will notice the difference if you click the Edit product button on one of the newly created products.

In the Variations tab, you can see that this product contains only the white color variation.

While you are on the Edit product page, you can rename the product to add the color.

This will help you to better differentiate each newly created product.

Split by Size

Similarly, you can split a product by Size to create a new product for each Size.

Select Size and click on Split.

Four new products will be created after clicking OK and one for each Size.

Again, they may appear as all similar, but if you click the Edit product button on the bottom left of the product card and check the Variation tab, you will see that this product only has one Size but with all the Colors.

Split by Variations

You can also Split a product by Variation to create a product for a unique variation.

Select Split by variant and choose the variation(s) to use to create a new product, then click Split.

You can select multiple or single variation(s) here.

In this example, we only select one Variation which is Black Color.

A new product will be created with the variation you selected.

In Edit product – Variations tab, you can see the product has the variation selected which is Black Color with all sizes.

The original product will remain unchanged when you split by variation(s), allowing you to split again if you want to.

Now you know how to split a product into multiple products.

Take the advantage of it to offer more products that fit your customers’ needs.

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