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Substitute supplier stock synchronization

In order to always keep our users up to date and giving them more and more control and information, DSers will now synchronize the stock of your substitute suppliers in case your main supplier is out of stock.

How does it work

When you set two suppliers for a product, a main supplier and a substitute supplier, DSers will always keep track of the main supplier inventory, to make sure it always has stock, and you can place your orders.

In case the main supplier runs out of stock, DSers will do two things:

1. Notification

If you activated the notification feature, you will receive a notification to inform you that the product is out of stock


Set notifications

2. Substitute supplier synchronization

DSers will automatically check the stock of you substitute supplier and make sure it has enough stock so you can place your order without issues.

In case both your main supplier and substitute supplier have zero stock, you will be notified too.