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Edit a Wix product on DSers

After you imported a new product to DSers Import List, you can edit it on DSers before pushing or publishing it to your Wix store.

Here’s the guide on how to do it.

Edit a product

Go to DSers – Import List.

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Click Edit product on the product card of the one you want to edit.

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Product tab

In the Product tab, you can edit the Title of this product. The product name can not exceed 80 characters.

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If you want to change the cover picture of a product, click CHANGE IMAGE.

Description: 5

Select the picture you want to use to present your product and click CONFIRM.

Description: 6

The picture you selected will be used for the cover picture from now on.

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Variants tab

In the Variants tab you can change price, delete variants, edit attributes such as colors & size.

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You can select a specific product variants type.

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You can also select all the product variants.

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You can conduct a lot of actions by clicking Action button.

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For example, you can change the Sale price of all the variants of this product.

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Simply enter the new price you want to set and click OK.

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You can see the Sale price of all the variants has changed to the new one.

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You can also delete variants.

Start by selecting the variants you don’t want.

Description: 15

Click the Action button and select Remove SKU.

Description: 16

Delete the variant by clicking Confirm.

Description: 17

You can see the BLACK XS, S, M variants have been deleted from this product.

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Description tab

In Description tab you can modify the description that will appear in the product page of your Wix store. You can add, delete or modify the text.

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Images tab

In Images tab, only pictures not used as SKU picture will be displayed. The number of pictures can not exceed 15.

Delete Images

Hover a picture and click the trash icon to delete it.

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You need to confirm when you want to delete a picture and click OK.

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Shipping info tab

The Shipping info tab lets you check the shipping method available for this product.

Description: 23

Select a country you want to ship to. You will see the shipping methods available with price, delivery time and more.

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Now you know everything about how to edit a product on DSers.

Take the advantage of it and edit your products before sending them to your Wix store.