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Pay multiple orders on AliExpress

With DSers you can not only place multiple orders at once, but also pay for all your orders awaiting payment on AliExpress with one payment!

Let’s see how you can do it!

Pay for orders in bulk

Go to DSers – Open Orders – Awaiting Payment.

In the Awaiting payment tab, it will show you the order you successfully placed to AliExpress but haven't paid yet.

You can see the orders to pay with their AliExpress order numbers.

Pay multiple orders on AliExpress with Woo DSers - AliExpress order number - Woo DSers

Select the orders you want to pay and click the Make Payment button to be redirected to AliExpress Orders page.

On AliExpress Orders page, go to Awaiting payment page and select all the orders you want to pay.

Click on the Pay for selected order(s) button.

A window will pop up and you can choose the Payment method and complete your payment there

All these orders will only count as 1 payment for you!

📕 NOTE: Due to the limitation of the AliExpress system, it may be more stable to select and pay fewer orders at once. For example, paying 80 or 90 orders at once.

After the payment

The orders will then move to Awaiting Shipment tab automatically on DSers after a while.

After they are shipped, DSers will automatically move the orders to the Fulfilledtab with the tracking numbers.

DSers will also automatically synchronize the data to your store so the orders will be marked as Completed with the tracking numbers on WooCommerce.

If you check the details of each order, you can see the tracking number has been updated under the Shipment Tracking.

Now you know how to pay multiple orders on AliExpress and how DSers will automate the orders process after the payment.

Enjoy the efficiency that DSers has brought to you!