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Import Product from AliExpress

DSers lets you import products from AliExpress in different ways.

Let’s see what options you have

Copy / Paste URL in the Import List

First, go to DSers - Import List.

Description: 0

You can add a product’s AliExpress URL link in the dedicated box below.

Description: 1

Just copy the link from the product’s page on AliExpress.

Description: 2

And paste it in the box.

Description: 3

Just click “OK” and the product will be added to the Import List.

Description: 4

Use DSers Chrome Extension

You can get our extension on the official Chrome Web Store

Or just search for DSers AliExpress in the Chrome Web Store

Product search page from AliExpress

Once the DSers Chrome Extension is installed, you can simply press the DSers button while hovering over the product you want to add.

Once you clicked, you’ll see a confirmation on the top right corner.

Product’s detail page

You can also click Add to DSers button on the product’s description page to import the product.

After you added the product, you will also see a confirmation.

And the product will be added to your Import List on DSers.

Import List

Once the product is imported to DSers’ Import List, you have multiple choices:

-You can Edit the product
Change the names, the prices, delete pictures.

-You can Publish your product to your Wix store
(Note that once Pushed to Wix, you can’t edit the product on DSers anymore)
You can Publish the product to multiple stores at once.

-You can Split the product
If you want to separate a product into multiple other products, you can use the Split feature.

-You can add Tags
Add some tags to your products to find them more easily and be able to filter them in the Import list.

Import Fail

One of the possible reasons why you failed to import your product to DSers could be:

-You are not logged in to your DSers account.
Go to your DSers account, and make sure you are connected to the correct account.