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Orders to Brazil specifications

Due to regulations, all orders to Brazil must contain the CPF number, or the orders will fail. DSers will make sure the CPF number appear on your packages to make sure it goes through customs without issues.

Also note that orders sent to Brazil require a 10 or 11-digit phone number.

CPF Number

For orders to Brazil, you need to make sure the CPF number is in the order's customer detail and correct.


The CPF number of your customer will be in the "Cpf" field, in Customer Details.


Once the order is placed, we will add the CPF number at the end of the address. You can check this by clicking the Ali Order No.


As you can see, the CPF number is added after the address, in brackets.

Check CPF Number

In case your order fails, you can manually check if the issue is coming from the CPF number on AliExpress

Create an order, and enter the CPF number in the required field

If the CPF number is wrong, an error message will appear

It is important that you have the correct CPF number of your customer to place the orders. A wrong CPF number will prevent you from ordering or cause some issues at the customs.

Manually Changing Phone Number

Deactivate DSers’ Override phone number feature first on DSers – Setting – Other.

Delete the phone number you entered before and click on Save.

Go to DSers – Open Orders.

open orders

On the Awaiting order tab, find the order for which you want to change the phone number according to AliExpress’ regulation, then click on Customer Detail from the top right corner of the order.


Enter a phone number that is 10 or 11-digit.

Don’t forget to Save the changes.

Now you can place the order like you normally would.

Override phone number feature

Another way you can change the phone number is to use the Override phone number feature.

Go to Setting – Other – Override phone number feature


Enter a phone number that is 10 or 11-digit, then click on Save.

Now you can place the order like you normally would.