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Orders to Chile specifications

Due to new regulations, all orders to Chile must contain the RUT number, or the orders will fail. DSers will make the RUT number appear on your packages to make sure it goes through customs without issues.

RUT Number

For orders to Chile, you need to make sure the RUT number is in the order's customer detail and correct.

You can add the RUT number of your customer in the "RUT" field, in Customer Details.

Check RUT Number

In case your order fail, you can manually check if the issue is coming from the RUT number on AliExpress

Create an order, and enter the RUT number in the required field

If the RUT number is wrong, an error message will appear

It is important that you have the correct RUT number of your customer to place the orders. A wrong RUT number will prevent you from ordering or cause some issues at the customs.

RUT Customer Number

Due to AliExpress new requirements, all orders to Chile must include the Rol Único Tributario (RUT).

To make sure your customers from Chile include this number in their orders, you will need to slightly modify your store theme to add a “RUT field” in the customer information checkout page.

You can do this in two ways, depending if all your customers are from Chile, or not. Let’s see how to do so below:

Modifying the theme

Go to Shopify backend page, and access Online Store – Themes - Customize

Go to Checkout & System

Find the Checkout contact part

If you want to make this RUT mandatory, you need to fill in the Company label field like below.

This means that all your customers placing orders will need to enter their Rol Único Tributario, so it’s better to use this only if you are targeting Chile exclusively.

If you want to make this CCI optional, you need to fill in the Optional company label field like below.

This means that your customers outside of Korea will not need to enter their Custom Clearance Information, it’s better to use this if you are targeting customers from different countries.

Once you selected and filled in the desired field, make sure to Save

Modifying the settings

Now, we need to make sure this field appears in your store checkout page.

Go to Settings - Checkout

In the Form options part, select Required or Optional, depending if you previously filled in the Company label or the Optional company label.

Then don’t forget to Save

In your checkout page, the (optional) field to enter the RUT will now appear!

This will ensure that you have all the necessary information to process your orders without issues!