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Orders to France specifications

Due to the regulations on AliExpress, all the orders to France must contain a 9 or 10-digits phone number, otherwise, the orders cannot be placed to AliExpress.

You can change the phone number to the correct one on DSers easily, here’s how.

Manually Changing Phone Number

Deactivate DSers’ Override phone number feature first on DSers – Setting – Other.

Delete the phone number you entered before by clicking the trash icon.

Go to DSers – Open.

On the Awaiting order tab, find the order for which you want to change the phone number according to AliExpress’ regulation, then click on Customer Detail from the top right corner of the order.

Enter a phone number that is 9 or 10-digits. Don’t forget to Save the changes.

Now you can place the order like you normally would.

Override phone number feature

Another way you can change the phone number is to use the Override phone number feature.

Go to Setting – Other – Override phone number feature

Select the country and enter a phone number that is 9 or 10-digits, then click on Save.

According to related regulations, when the price of the product (not including shipping cost and tax) to France exceeds 150 Euros, you need to provide your VAT ID and your company name. Please go to Setting- Other to fill in the information.

This rule will take effect on 1st July.

Now you can place the order like you normally would.