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Re-order Awaiting fulfillment order

In some cases, you may want to re-order an order that contains multiple products from different AliExpress suppliers. Maybe it is because your customer is not satisfied with one of the products or you made a mistake when placing the order.

Here’s what you can do if you want to re-order it.

Cancel part of the order

If you have an order containing multiple products from different suppliers, then the suppliers may ship out their packages at different times.

Therefore, if part of the order has shipped already, it will be in the Awaiting fulfillment tab, while the other part of the order that has not yet been shipped will be in the Awaiting shipment tab.

Awaiting fulfillment orders

As you can’t refund an AliExpress order after it is shipped, this means you can’t cancel the part of the order that is in DSers’ Awaiting fulfillment tab.

In this case, you can only cancel the part of the order that is in DSers’ Awaiting shipment tab on AliExpress as below.

Go to DSers – Open Orders.

Access the Awaiting shipment tab, find the part of the order that has not yet been shipped and click on its Ali Order No.

You will then be directed to the Order Detail page on AliExpress.

There, find and click on Request Order Cancellation.

You will then have to wait for the seller’s approval of canceling this order.

Note: Please understand there is a chance that the AliExpress supplier will not approve the Order Cancellation. In that case, you can skip this part and continue the steps in the next section to manually fulfill the order on WooCommerce.

After seller’s approval, DSers will move this order to the Canceled tab.

Manually fulfill the order

The next step is to manually fulfill both parts of the order from Canceled tab and Awaiting fulfillment tab.

You can manually fulfill them on WooCommerce by changing the Order Status to Completed.

Go to WooCommerce – Orders and select the order for which you want to manually fulfill.

Click on Bulk actions and select Change status to completed.

The order will then be marked as Completed on WooCommerce.

DSers will now move this completed order to the Fulfilled tab.

Roll back the order

Now you can roll back this order from DSers’ Fulfilled tab to re-order it by selecting the order and clicking Roll back orders.

A new window will pop up, click on Roll back orders.

Enter CONFIRM and click on CONFIRM.

Click OK after the order is successfully rolled back.

The order will be in DSers’ Awaiting order tab and waiting for you to place it again.

Modify the order

Once the order is in the Awaiting order tab, you can edit the order to change the supplier or the variation of this order by clicking on the right side of the part of the order you want to edit - Edit.

Import a new AliExpress supplier URL (Step 1) and choose the new variant you want to order (Step 2), select shipping method(Step 3), then click on Save (Step 4).

Re-order the order

After you finished modifying the order as you want, you can now directly place it again from the Awaiting order tab.

After you placed the order again, it will be moved to the Awaiting payment tab, and you will just have to pay for it on AliExpress.

Now you know everything about re-ordering an Awaiting fulfillment order!

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