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Oberlo migration-Set Shipping Methods

The article is based on the premise that you set oberlo as data reference. If you choose other options for conflict handling, there may be different situations. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

The Set Shipping Method feature helps you to set up the proper delivery method based on destination countries and automatically apply them to your orders. With the help of the feature, you don’t need to bother with choosing the shipping method order by order, DSers will get things done automatically.

Compare the Feature in Oberlo and DSers

The feature in Oberlo is in Settings-Suppliers and it is in Setting-Shipping in DSers.

Set shipping method-Compare shipping method setting
Settings-Suppliers | Setting-Shipping

There are 2 ways to set up Shipping methods on both DSers and Oberlo to satisfy different needs.



Set shipping method on account level

It helps to set up a shipping method template on the account level and apply it to all the orders in the account no matter what products are included. 

Set shipping method on product level

If you have special requests for shipping methods for specific products on AliExpress, this feature will help you perfectly. You can set up a preferred shipping method for individual products and it will be automatically applied to the orders for those items.

But significant differences in the features  are seen in 2 apps. A quick review will be very helpful for you to catch up.




Set up based on destination country

Oberlo only has default shipping method settings for global countries. 

DSers supports setting up shipping method templates based on the separate destination country in case you have different needs for different countries. The templates for each country will be automatically applied to orders.

Cheapest Shipping method

You can select this option to let the system automatically filter the cheapest one from the shipping method list provided by AliExpress suppliers

➡️This option is not available on the Basic shipping method on DSers originally, but will be migrated to DSers together with your shipping settings.

➡️ Besides, DSers also provides a powerful Advanced shipping method feature for you to filter shipping options based on cost, tracking number, and shipping delivery date.


Oberlo only allows to set up one shipping option as a default shipping method for the account or a product

DSers supports you to set up multiple options as alternatives with a priority when setting up shipping templates for account level. If a supplier does not support your option in first priority, DSers will try to match the second one automatically

But the feature is not available when setting up shipping templates for products. 

Real-time Shipping option list

➡️ Shipping option list is not updated based on the AliExpress shipping options list when setting up shipping methods for the whole account.

➡️ When setting up a shipping template for a specific product, Oberlo does not update the shipping options list based on the real list of AliExpress products but applies a full list to all products no matter whether the supplier supports it or not.

➡️DSers keeps the shipping  method list up to date from AliExpress to ensure that you have the latest information of shipping providers.

➡️ Shipping provider list is automatically filtered every time when you set things up for the product and will only show you options that the supplier supports.

How Does DSers Migrate Shipping Methods from Oberlo

DSers will migrate your Shipping methods and adjust them to adapt them to DSers features as below:


DSers will migrate Oberlo Default shipping method to DSers Add global shipping method with Global as the destination country. The setting will be applied to orders from all over the world. 


The default shipping method that is set up on Oberlo will be set as first priority after migration.


DSers will create “Cheapest shipping method”  in the shipping method list for migrated users. 


If the shipping method option set up in Oberlo is not available in the live AliExpress shipping method list, DSers will not migrate it. 

Besides, if you migrate your Oberlo accounts to an existing DSers account, and you have set up Shipping methods on DSers previously, based on your Data preference settings, DSers may keep the old settings that do not conflict as secondary options.

More Information about the Set Shipping Method Feature

To get more information about how to set up shipping method templates on DSers, let’s have a quick review.



Add global shipping method(Basic shipping method)

Set up Shipping method templates based on destination countries with multiple alternative shipping provider options. It’s very flexible and efficient for merchants selling all over the world.  

Advanced shipping method

If you are not familiar with any shipping provider but want DSers to automatically select the most proper one for you, please try the Advanced shipping method. You will only need to set up your acceptable shipping fee, shipping time, and availability of tracking information, DSers will do the rest. 

Add global shipping method based on product

Sometimes, you may have special needs for shipping providers on specific products. This feature allows you to set shipping providers separately on the product base. 

Shipping method settings on the product level always have higher priority than that on the account level. 

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions about the feature! We are always happy to help.

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