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Oberlo migration-Migration Preparation

Before starting migration from Oberlo to DSers, here are some important facts you should know about to ensure a successful migration without affecting your live business.


1. Once the Oberlo app shuts down officially, your data on Oberlo will be deleted from the server for good and can not be reverted.

2. Once the migration starts, your Oberlo and DSers account will be locked, and you can not operate any of them to process your business.

3. Migration will last from a few minutes to hours according to your data size.

Based on the facts above, please make sure to:

1. Complete migration before the official date of shutting down. Critical timelines are as below:



Effects on your business


Oberlo launched Oberlo-to-DSers Migration tool

1. You can still manage your business on Oberlo this time.

2. DSers is the trusted partner. You can migrate from Oberlo to DSers using the official integration in a few clicks.


Oberlo officially closes the app

1. The Oberlo app and your historical data will no longer be accessible.

2. You’d better migrate your Oberlo data a few days before this time.

2. Select a proper time that will not affect your live business to start migration.

3. Not hesitate to ask the DSers 24/7 support team for help if you encounter any abnormal situation.

Preview of Migration Progress

If you have set a date to start migration, the information below will be very helpful for you to get a full understanding of migration.


Migration Progress


How can I trigger the migration?


What does it mean to set up a data reference? 


Should I start my migration right away or book a time?


What is happening when it tells me “Migration is in progress?”


My migration is complete ! What's next?

Feel free to contact DSers 7/24 Customer Service team to answer your questions about the migration or for help!

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