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Synchronize customization notes

It is possible that your customers have the need to customize their purchases for POD purposes, if the case is that you have installed an app, like Zepto Product Personalizer, for buyers to leave notes for specific items in your store, DSers allows you to synchronize those notes separately for each item.

If you want to leave notes for single items manually, please check this article.

How to activate the customization notes synchronization feature

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Synchronization.
  2. Scroll to the Synchronization Order Details section.
  3. In the Synchronize Shopify order customization information part, turn on dsers-status-off to enable the feature.

The image in the notes will be converted to an image URL once synced to DSers.

Where to check the notes in different platforms

In addition to DSers, you can also check the notes in AliExpress once you place the same orders to AliExpress.


Where to check the customization notes


Open Orders > Awaiting order > Order Card > More actions > Message


Account > My Orders > Order Card > Order details > Messages below each item image


For agency users, the notes will appear in Orders page in your agency’s currently-used ERP (now Dianxiaomi and Mabang only).

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