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Change supplier of a product

It’s possible that you will find a new supplier that offers cheaper prices or that your current supplier is out of stock. In these situations, you may want to replace your current AliExpress supplier with a new one.

Here is the guide on how to do it.

Replacing with a new supplier

Go to DSers – My Products.

Description: 1

Access the Mapping Page on the product card.

Description: 2

If you already have a supplier for the product, you need to import the new supplier you want to use as the default one.

Description: 3

Go to AliExpress and copy the URL of the new supplier you want to use.

Description: 4

Paste the URL to the Import box and click on Import.

Description: 5

The AliExpress product will appear above the box, then click on the gray tool.

Description: 6

A small window will pop up. Select Default option and click CONFIRM to make this new supplier as your new supplier by default.

Description: 7

You then need to select the variants of the new supplier corresponding to your product’s variants.

Description: 8

Once you finished to map the product, don’t forget to SAVE!

Description: 9

A notification will appear after you successfully saved.

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Choosing a new default supplier

If you already have 2 suppliers and want to replace the default supplier with the substitute supplier, you can follow these steps.

Description: 111

Click the X on the top right of the default supplier column.

Description: 122

Confirm you want to delete the current default supplier by clicking OK.

Description: 133

The previous substitute supplier will then become the default supplier automatically.

Description: 144

Don’t forget to SAVE when you are done!

Description: 155

A notification will appear after you successfully saved.

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Now you know how to change the supplier of a product with DSers!