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DSers has introduced the Agency Management Solution, a powerful tool aimed at streamlining the workflow of dropshippers who also collaborate with off-platform suppliers/agencies. Learn more about DSers Agency Management Solution.

It is a hassle dealing with CSV files between you and your agencies while processing orders. To simplify the process, you can connect Dianxiaomi of your agency to DSers.

How to connect Dianxiaomi to DSers

You can connect Dianxiaomi to DSers when you add an agency to DSers.
  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Supplier.
  2. In the Agency Management section, click dsers-add to add agency information.
  3. Select DIANXIAOMI in the "ERP in use" drop-down list, and check dsers-checkbox Generate DIANXIAOMI URL&API Key.
  4. Finish adding the information of the agency and click SAVE.
  5. Click Click here to copy URL&API Key to copy the link and send it to your agency.
  6. Ask your agency to complete the authorization with the help guide.

If you have problems with the authorization, please contact the DSers support team.

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