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DSers My Products page

It’s very easy to view and manage the products in your store with DSers. In My Products page, you have the freedom to check the products pushed or imported from your Wix store, and you can do the products mapping before placing orders.

Now let us show you how you can use My Products page.

Access My Products

Go to DSers - My Products, You can manage your products here.

Where are the products from

The products in My Products page are placed there when:

  1. You push or publish products to your Wix store in Import List, the products will be sync to My Products page.
  2. A customer place an order in Wix, the product of the order will be sync to My Products page.
  3. You manually import products from your Wix store.

Import products from Wix

You can import your Wix store products by clicking IMPORT WIX PRODUCTS.

My Products page

Search product

By typing the name of a product in the search box, you can search the products you have in My Products page.


The products in All tab doesn’t mean all the products in your Wix store. Only the Products from the three channels mentioned above will be in All tab. You have the freedom to check their details and manage them.


When you set the supplier of a product and the supplier is AliExpress, the product can be found in the AliExpress tab.


Products that didn’t do the mapping and have no suppliers will go to Other tab.

Manage your products

In My Products page, you can easily manage your products.

Check details

You can view the products details by clicking the icon below.

A pop-up window will open. You can see the products details, variants, description, images and shipping information here.

Open in Wix

In case you want to see in the product’s details directly on Wix, you can click the icon below to open the products in Wix.

It will take you to the products page in Wix store.

Delete products

Hover on the product card, click the trash icon to Delete.

Deleting multiple products in DSers is possible, simply select all the products you want to delete and click Delete on the top right corner.

📕 NOTE: When you delete a product from the My Products page, it will also be deleted from your store, so be very careful. Orders for deleted products will face some issues.


To successfully place order to AliExpress, you need to connect the products to AliExpress suppliers. Click the icon below to enter mapping page.

The Supplier management tab will open. You can see the attributes and variants of your product.

You need to import the data of an AliExpress supplier corresponding to your product. Enter the URL of an AliExpress product in the box below and click IMPORT.

The AliExpress product will appear under the box, then click on the gray tool.

Description: 17

Select Default option and click CONFIRM.

Then you can do the mapping by selecting the attributes and variants of your supplier’s product corresponding to the attributes and variants of your product.

Description: 19

My Products page allows you to easily manage your products and give you the liberty to change suppliers quite easily!