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Oberlo migration-Notification & Auto Update

The article is based on the premise that you set oberlo as data reference. If you choose other options for conflict handling, there may be different situations. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Different from Oberlo Notification feature, DSers supports the same functions with Notification feature and Auto update feature. DSers supports sending notifications about SKUs / Inventory / Price / Order status changes on AliExpress products to all users no matter what plan you are using. For paid users,  the Auto update feature syncs your product changes from AliExpress and automatically updates them to your Shopify store based on your settings.

How to Migrate Notification and Auto Update Features from Oberlo

Notification feature is free for all merchants on DSers while Auto update is a paid feature.  To meet with the habits of Oberlo users, we created a Custom Basic subscription plan based on Oberlo Explorer plan users. So if you are an Oberlo migrated user,  you will be able to enjoy the feature as you did on Oberlo.

After migration, the Oberlo notification settings will be transferred to two separated settings in DSers: Synchronization and Notification. DSers will migrate exactly what you set up on Oberlo.

Compare the Features in Oberlo and DSers

You will find the features both on DSers and Oberlo.


auto update&notification-Compare synchronization
Oberlo-General-Auto update | DSers-Setting-Synchronization


auto update&notification-Compare notification
Oberlo-Notifications | DSers-Setting-Notification

As mentioned above, Notification & Auto Update features are almost the same in both apps. The only difference is that DSers will trigger notification when you got AliExpress canceled orders while Oberlo doesn’t.

Notify me when



Inventory changes



SKU changes



Price updates



Order canceled by AliExpress



How to Get Needed Notifications on DSers

You are able to check your Notifications very easily as below.It’s a very powerful feature to monitor the status changes of suppliers and orders.

auto update-Check notificaitons

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions about the features! We are always happy to help.

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