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Oberlo migration-Time Zone and Currency

The article is based on the premise that you set oberlo as data reference. If you choose other options for conflict handling, there may be different situations. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Time zone and currency allow you to set up both time zone and store currency displayed in your DSers account according to your needs. With this feature, you can achieve the same effect in DSers as you can do with the corresponding feature in Oberlo after the migration.

How Does DSers Migrate Time Zone and Currency from Oberlo

Time zone and currency from your Oberlo account are migrated to DSers together with other Setting options. After migration, you will see the corresponding time zone and currency applied to your DSers account.

There is one thing you need to pay attention to about time zone. DSers is using a different time zone list from Oberlo, hence some of the options are not exactly the same. If your selected time zone option is not available in DSers, it will be replaced by the first time zone option under the same time zone.

For example, if you are using GMT+8, Shanghai in Oberlo, after migration, your time zone will be set as GMT+8, Beijing. This will not affect the showing time of your orders.

Compare Time Zone and Currency Features between Oberlo and DSers

The features are easy to find and set up in both Oberlo and DSers.

Time Zone

Time zone&Currency-Compare time zone
Oberlo-Settings-General-Other settings-Time zone | DSers-Setting-Account-Time zone


Time zone&Currency-Compare currency
(Oberlo)Shopify-Settings-Store details-Store currency | DSers-Setting-Stores-Currencies

Here are some facts about the feature on the two apps you need to know once you are done with the migration.

Time Zone Options



In Oberlo you can change the time zone as many times as you want. 

Time zone is a setting on the account level. It can not be set up based on each store. It will affect:
1. Date & time in Order menu
2. Date & time in Notification menu

In DSers, the time zone can be changed only one time after setting things up. If you want to change your time zone, please contact our support team for assistance.

Store Currency



Oberlo will sync the store currency that you set up in your Shopify store settings. Oberlo will display product cost and sale price with currency applied directly on both the Import list and the Products menu. 

In DSers, supplier product cost on the Import list page will be displayed in USD by default since DSers may manage multiple stores with different currencies.

The currency will be applied when products are pushed to Shopify and shown on DSers - My Products menu.

You can also see currency applied on the Orders menu after you processed orders to AliExpress.

If you are not selling in USD, to correctly display product prices in your Shopify store, be sure to apply currency rate to the pricing rules when you publish products to Shopify.  You can refer to Basic Pricing Rule.

More Information to Know about the Features

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To use the DSers report feature, you will need to activate both time zone and currency features.

As a migrated user, both of the features will be activated during migration. You will be OK to use the Report feature directly. 

Pricing Rule

To use DSers pricing rule feature to manage profit margin automatically, you will need to pay attention to make sure that the currency feature is set up and switched on to make DSers apply pricing template when pushing products to the Shopify store,

You can read the articles on time zone and currency to learn complete steps to activate the features.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team if you have any questions about the features! We are always happy to help.

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