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Oberlo migration-Migration Is Processing

Once the migration starts, you will stay on the page below. DSers will migrate Settings, Orders, Products and Plan from Oberlo. What is DSers doing exactly during this period? Let’s continue reading.

1-Migration in process-the migration of  Settings

The Migration of Settings

During this stage, DSers will migrate your Oberlo Settings. As there are multiple settings under the Oberlo Settings menu, DSers will migrate them one by one. For detailed information, please refer to the blogs below:

As you can see below, the settings are very different in Oberlo and DSers.



Timezone & currency

Click to read

Pricing rule

Click to read

Auto update & Notification

Click to read


Click to read

Shipping confirmation

Click to read

Link to AliExpress

Click to read

The Migration of Orders

DSers will migrate orders from your Oberlo account created in the last 2 months.You can apply for syncing the whole order history by contacting DSers support.

As shown below, Oberlo doesn’t sort orders into different groups directly, while DSes sorts orders into different tabs based on Shopify order status and AliExpress order status.

2-Migraiton in process-Compare order page

Shopify Order Status

DSers Order Tab

Fulfilled/Partially fulfilled




On hold/Partially paid/In process

Awaiting order

Refund/Partially refunded 




Archived (manually archived on Shopify)


AliExpress Order Status

DSers Order Tab

Awaiting payment

Awaiting payment

Awaiting shipment

Awaiting shipment

Awaiting delivery




Get more information by checking the Order status introduction.

📕 NOTE: Due to the complexity of order status, DSers will put all the orders with AliExpress orders number but not yet fulfilled on Shopify into the Awaiting Payment tab on DSers as default after migration, to avoid potential loss caused by wrong order status. After you connect your AliExpress account to DSers, DSers will update orders to correct the status. Please connect the right AliExpress account to DSers otherwise the order status can not be synced from AliExpress API.

The Migration of Products

DSers will migrate both Import List and Product from Oberlo during this process. And this may take a while if your data size is big.

3-Migration in process-the migration of products

Import List

During this stage, the product data in Oberlo Import List will be migrated to DSers Import List perfectly.

4-Migration in process- Compare Import List

Pay attention that you may find the amount of products in Import List to be different from what it shows on Oberlo due to the below reasons:

1) DSers will migrate products that are out of stock but will not migrate AliExpress products that are not found.

2) According to data reference settings, if you migrate your data to an existing DSers account, you might find both Oberlo and DSers products in the Import List. To differentiate products from the two apps, we will add tags to your products in the Import List such as From DSers or From Oberlo for you to easily filter.

5-Migration in process-Add tags


The migration of the data on Oberlo Products menu will also be done in this stage.  The product data, including variant mapping and alternate suppliers, will be migrated to DSers together with the Shopify store products.

products OB6-Migration in process-Compare products page

Please note that your variant mapping in DSers will be set to Standard mapping by default. You can change to another mapping method based on your need.

You may also find that part of the products are not mapped after migration. This is caused by the fact that AliExpress products are put offline or not found.  You are able to filter out this kind of product by clicking the Unmapped Products tab.

The Migration of Plan

During the migration of the Plan, DSers will create a plan corresponding to your current Oberlo subscription.  

Oberlo Plan

DSers plan after migration

DSers plan after activation


Custom Basic








Oberlo Pro plan is not public anymore,  but if you’re using the Pro plan already, you will be migrated as a DSers Pro user.

Once the migration is done, you will use the Custom Basic or Basic plan by default in DSers. To continue using advanced features and amount of data usage in the Oberlo Boss/Pro plan, and enjoy extra DSers Advanced/Pro features, you need to activate the DSers Advanced/Pro plan manually after migration.

For a detailed introduction of differences between Oberlo and DSers plans, please refer to compare plans.

After the migration of Plan, you will be logged into the DSers dashboard.

7-Migration in process-Got it

Congratulations! You have successfully migrated from Oberlo to DSers.

"What if I encountered an unexpected situation?"

Closed the migration page accidentally? Don’t worry. The migration process will not be interrupted, and it will continue in the background.

But, to avoid migration failure, please make sure that you DON’T remove or uninstall DSers from your Shopify account during the migration process.

Don’t worry. We summarized the possible accidents during the migration and the solutions.

If you have any other questions or meet with any issues, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service team!

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