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Re-order "Request Fulfillment" order

Shopify added a new feature called "Request Fulfillment" for the orders. While it may useful in few cases, it creates some orders errors and make you unable to place the orders on DSers.

To avoid facing this issue, DO NOT CLICK "Request Fulfillment" on your order on Shopify.

How to fix it

In case you have accidentally clicked on "Request fulfillment" on a new order on Shopify.

The order will still be in "Awaiting order" tab on DSers but you won't be able to place the order.

A message will appear on top of the order.

You need to go to Shopify, and click on the order. You will see the status as "In Progress".

You need to click on the button below and select Fulfill item.

The order will be fulfilled on Shopify and DSers, but you still need to actually place it.

To do so, go to the Fulfilled tab on DSers, select the order, then click Roll back orders.

The order will be unfulfilled on Shopify and DSers.

You can now place the order normally.

How to avoid this in the future

To make sure you have no issues when processing orders with DSers in the future, DSers has updated request fulfillment cancellation feature.

First, please do not click "Request Fulfillment" on a new order on Shopify.

But if you accidentally activated it in Shopify, or you want to conduct this feature in other Apps, DSers can help.

Before creating an order, please go to DSers - Setting - Other, find Request Fulfillment Cancellation and activate the button of DSers.

In this way, we will help you cancel the fulfillment requests for orders of products assigned to DSers fulfillment service in Shopify so you can successfully process those orders.

If you want to use the "Request Fulfillment" feature in other Apps, you can leave their button inactivated like below.

In this case, when an order contained products assigned to different apps, DSers will cancel the fulfillment of the product assigned to DSers, and other apps will complete fulfillment procedure of the rest of the products in the order.