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Order status not changing

DSers will automatically synchronize all the order status and information between Wix, DSers and AliExpress. However, some of the synchronizations between the three platforms are not instantaneous.

For example, DSers is not synchronizing the order status from AliExpress in real-time, but every new order from Wix will be shown on DSers in a few minutes.

Syncing time

Please note that DSers will sync every 12 hours from AliExpress for the tracking number or order status.

This means that after you made a payment, or canceled an order, it can take up to 12h for your orders to automatically sync to DSers to Awaiting shipment tabor Canceled tab.

If you want to speed up the synchronization, you can manually synchronize AliExpress order status on DSers.

For the Wix order, you can also manually synchronize Wix order status on DSers to make the process faster.

📕 NOTE: You can only manually synchronize order status from Wix to DSers, but the synchronization from DSers to Wix is automatic and can't be done manually.

As automated as DSers can be, system limitations can hinder the synchronization time from one platform to another but rest assured that we are constantly working hard to improve things!

Order status introduction

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