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Pending orders introduction

Pending orders are orders for which the payment from your customers has not yet been captured in Shopify.

You can not process or edit Pending orders on DSers until the payment has been captured.

Pending orders introduction - Pending tab - Shopify DSers

It may sometimes happen that after you captured the payment of an order, the status of the order remain as Pending on DSers. It is very easy to fix that.

Manually Sync Shopify Order

Go to Settings - Synchronization - Sync Shopify orders.

Pending orders introduction - Sync Shopify orders - Shopify DSers

Select your store in the drop-down menu.

Pending orders introduction - choose the date range - Shopify DSers

Select a date range and click on Sync icon below.

Pending orders introduction - Select a date range and click on Sync icon - Shopify DSers

DSers will then synchronize all the orders from the store you selected that you received within this date range.

The orders in Pending for which you captured payment will be moved to the Awaiting Order tab.

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