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Awaiting fulfillment introduction

You may sometimes have orders that contain multiple products from different AliExpress suppliers.

In this case, it may happen that the suppliers ship out their packages at different times, so the tracking numbers of the products will be generated and synchronized to DSers at different times as well.

If you have an order for which all the tracking numbers are not yet generated and synchronized to DSers, it will be placed in the Awaiting fulfillment tab.


Let's say you placed an order with two products from two different suppliers and the order is in DSers – Open Orders – Awaiting payment.

DSers Awaiting Fulfillment - DSers – Open Orders – Awaiting payment - Wix DSers

After you paid the order, it will be in the Awaiting shipment tab.

After one of the suppliers ships out his product, and the tracking number has been synchronized from AliExpress to DSers, this part of the order will be moved to the Awaiting fulfillment tab.

The other part of the order will remain in the Awaiting shipment tab until the supplier ships out the product and the tracking number is generated and synchronized.

Once all the products have been shipped out by their suppliers and the tracking numbers have been generated and synchronized from AliExpress to DSers, the completed order will be moved to the Fulfilled tab.

DSers Awaiting Fulfillment - DSers – the completed order will be moved to the Fulfilled tab - Wix DSers

It is important to note, with DSers, you never need to manually fulfill orders, on Wix or on DSers, we will automatically update the order status for you!

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