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Re-order an order with deleted product

In case you have deleted a product on Shopify (by mistake or not) and have orders for the deleted product to fulfill, here’s how you can deal with it.

Directly edit the order

Go to DSers – Open Order – Awaiting order, the order with deleted product will look like below.

Re-order an order with deleted product - Awaiting order - Shopify DSers

On the right side of the order, click the icon below – Edit.

Re-order an order with deleted product - Edit - Shopify DSers

Paste the AliExpress link of the product you deleted or of another supplier who sells the same product (Step 1). Choose the new variant you want to order (Step 2), select a shipping method (Step 3), then click on SAVE (Step 4).

Re-order an order with deleted product - follow the steps and click SAVE - Shopify DSers

You will then be able to process the order and place it to AliExpress!

Re-import the product

If the above solution didn’t work for some reason, you can re-import the product to fix the issue.

1 - Re-import the product on DSers

You need to re-import the product that you deleted to DSers on DSers- Import List.

2 - Push the product to Shopify

Once you have imported the product to DSers, you need to Push/Publish that product to your Shopify store

3 - Duplicate the order in Shopify

After the product is Pushed / Published from DSers to Shopify, you need to go on Shopify and duplicate the original order.

Go to the order detail. Click More actions then select Duplicate.

Re-order an order with deleted product - Duplicate the order - Shopify DSers

This article from Shopify can help you if you are struggling

4 - Remove the item from the duplicated order in Shopify

If the product is still in the duplicated order, make sure you delete it

5 - Search the product you just pushed to Shopify

Look for the newly re-added product, and add it to your order. Make sure you select the right variant

Re-order an order with deleted product - Search the product - Shopify DSers

6 - After you added the product to the duplicated order

It will create a draft order. You need to validate it by clicking Mark as paid.

Re-order an order with deleted product - Mark as paid - Shopify DSers

The duplicated order will then sync to DSers automatically and you will be able to place the order to AliExpress normally

7 - Manually fulfill the original order

To avoid placing the same order twice, you should manually fulfill the original order on Shopify

Re-order an order with deleted product - Fulfill item - Shopify DSers

The order will synchronize as Fulfilled on DSers as well.

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